A Perfect Breakfast for a Perfect day

A Perfect Breakfast for a Perfect day

King Size Healthy Breakfast Ideas

We bring you a few good breakfast meals which will give you a good kickstart for your day.


What does breakfast actually mean?

Breakfast is the first precious meal taken after waking up from the good night’s sleep. This is one of the most often eaten meals in the early morning before starting the day’s work. As per old sayings, eat Breakfast like a king, lunch like middle house people and dinner like a beggar. Well, the saying is absolutely true. Keeping this in mind we bring you a few good breakfast meals which will give you a good kickstart for your day.

The following are breakfast meals.

1. Poha

Poha is one of an easy, delicious and healthy breakfast recipe, popular in Maharashtra. Made with onions, seasoning like chilies, lemon, coriander, and curry leaves and vegetables like carrot, bell-pepper make up a tasty and easy meal of Poha, especially when you don’t feel like cooking early in the morning.

Poha recipe

Recipe Link:- Poha Recipe

2. Spanish Indian Potato Omelet

There’s nothing too famous about this Spanish Indian style omelet, just the boiled potatoes mixed with onions mashed with some Indian spices which then later on mixed with beaten eggs. It is one of the great and different breakfast ideas which require very little effort. This can be a good surprise for kids specially for there lunch box and can also work as a brunch.

Spanish Indian Potato Omelet Recipe by Country Bhojan

Recipe Link:- Spanish Indian Potato Omelet Recipe

3. Gram Flour Dosa / Besan Puda / Besan Cheela

Gram flour dosa or besan puda or besan cheela a tasty dosa/puda recipe which can be served as a snack or as a breakfast item. If you are running out of time or options in morning then this is the best breakfast ever. This is very easy to prepare in no time. To make this recipe the main ingredient is Besan or gram flour. Actually, Cheela is a North Indian dish that is very similar to dosa in South India.  But unlike the south Indian dosa, here there is no grinding, no fermentation involved.  So this is an instant dosa recipe. Do remember that the consistency of the batter should be like the pancake. Besan cheela is a protein-packed food for breakfast, a cup of tea will compliment this dish.

Besan Puda by country bhojan

Recipe Link:-Find Complete Besan Puda Recipe

4. Cheese Pan Uttapam

Uttapam is a dosa-like preparation made with the batter of rice, urad dal and fenugreek seeds. Here is one of the unique breakfast ideas for those all who are bored of eating the regular one. For Cheese Pan Uttapam we have used idli batter along with onion, tomato, green chili, cheese, and coriander. As it is not the regular uttapam, so this doesn’t mean that it will be very difficult to cook, to break that difficulty level of cooking the recipe we introduced you with passionate and easy home cooks recipes, so that everyone will discover the taste of real food!

Cheese Pan Uttapam Recipe With Step by Step Photos - How to Make Uttappam

Recipe Link:- Complete Cheese Pan Uttapam Recipe

5. Sandwich Style Pan Dosa

This recipe is again for those taste buds who are bored of eating the routine every morning. For this, we are using Dosa Batter, Cheese slices, Beat eggs, coriander leaves the same as we used in Chilli Cheese Omelette Pan Dosa. You can use ghee at the place of oil to give a desi taste. This recipe is basically influenced by one of the South Indian breakfast recipe, i.e., DOSA. You will find the different types of dosa where ever you go in the market but have you ever tried cooking the same at home. We know making dosa round is a task, so to make you a pro in cooking we are bringing this recipe so that your taste bud will feel the taste of real food.

Sandwich Style Pan Dosa by country bhojan

Recipe Link:- Complete Sandwich Style Pan Dosa Recipe

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