Do you really need meat to get protein?

Do you really need meat to get protein?

Understanding What is Protein?

Protein is basically the ‘building blocks’ of a body. All the tissues present in our body have proteins, such as the muscle, bone, hair etc. But this doesn’t mean that all proteins are the same. They  are made of building blocks called amino acids. Some amino acids, can be made by our body whereas some need to be taken from food. For an ideal healthy body, you need all the essential amino acids but in the correct ratios.

Some protein sources (animals proteins) have all the essential amino acids while some don’t have it. So, we need to understand the differences between plant and animal protein. Basically the protein in plants and animals are ranked as per the amino acid present and the rate at which consumes it.

Animal Protein

Animal protein are the kind of proteins which are found within the body, so they are more rapid as compared to plant protein. Meat, eggs, fish and poultry, are considered to be animal protein also as the complete protein as they contain all the essential amino acids. But, inspite of having complete ratio of amino acid still it is a big risk for life, as it contain high amount of  cholesterol and fat.

Plant Protein

Like Animal Protein all plants don’t contain complete amino acids, but if we consume plant protein then it will reduce the risk of mortality. Do you know why?, because of low calories and fat.

This means it is not necessary to have meat in diet, which can only provide you complete amount of proteins.

Few of the non meat protein providing stuffs are as follows:

  • Greek Yogurt – 10 g/ per 100 g
  • Nuts – 6 g/ per handful
  • Oatmeal – 6 g/ per cupDo you really need meat to get protein?

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