International Sushi Day | June 18

International Sushi Day | June 18


Over the most recent two decades, Japanese dinner known as Sushi turned into somewhat of a sensation. Been a crude fish, Sushi is now winning the heart of everyone. But it doesn’t mean all Sushi dish contain raw fish, it can contain any number of ingredients, and often includes cooked portions, such as in the case of crab sushi.. It was in the Edo Period, Prox. between 1600 and 1800AD in Japan, the traditional form of sushi came to exist. Today, it is unique to Japanese culture and consists of fish and vegetables wrapped in rice, the rice was mixed with vinegar.

How it is Celebrated?

Worldwide Sushi Day is your chance to investigate this cuisine and all it brings to the table, and possibly You will discover a new favorite comfort food!

Do You Know?

Do you know? Why most of us love Sushi, because it is very difficult to find healthy food, and there is nothing much healthier than raw fish and vegetables. You may think that, the rice in which the fish and veggies are wrapped isn’t the healthiest food in the world, but sometimes the carbs in it will give your body the energy it needs. If you’re looking to lose weight then sushi is the way to go.

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