International Tea Day

International Tea Day


Every year since 2005, 15th December is celebrated as the International Tea Day. This  day is observed in major tea growing countries worldwide, which includes Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Malawi for the tea workers and the tea industry, and all the benefits that we drinkers receive after drinking it. When we look in the history of this day then International Tea day was started in India in 2005, initiated by workers of the tea industry to bring attention to inequality among-st workers and plantations worldwide. Every year, they bring to light various issues related to the tea industry.

How it is Celebrated?

Sip your tea, close your eyes and imagine the workers’ hands touching each leaf carefully and mindfully. It is not just a drink but actually it is a cup of life. Also, devote some time thinking about those tea workers who pick the tea levers very carefully just for us, how much they get paid etc, these questions will definitely make your cup of life different in taste and you will definitely appreciate and thanks to them more than you do every time you have tea.

You can also do the following on the tea day:

  • Create a display promoting a charity that supports educating girls who work in tea gardens.
  • Distribute tea bag with the note of tea garden.
  • Show life of a tea leave.

Did you enjoyed your cup of life today? Let us know in the comments below!

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