Nutrient Dense Lunch For Kids 8 Months – 12 Months

Nutrient Dense Lunch For Kids 8 Months – 12 Months

Best Quick Nutrient Dense Lunch Meal For Kids Between 8 months – 12 months


Every mother wants to give complete nutrient food to there babies. But, are you able to give the complete nutrient to your baby. Is your meal for kids contain vegetables. As per pediatrics vegetables are very important for babies’ growth and brain development. So mothers try to include the vegetables to your kid’s meal.

Now, what vegetables are good.

You can give your babies with Broccoli 🥦, carrot 🥕, sweet potato  🍠, Bottle gourd, Ridge gourd. Avoid gas-forming vegetables and meals which are chickpeas etc.

Do fusion cooking or your babies like adults they too get bore of the same meal every day. Today, in the video below I am going to show you a nutrient-dense meal idea for kids below 1 year. you can continue it after 1 year of there age as well. I have chosen 3 vegetable which is more than sufficient for baby growth.


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