Dal Water : The First Solid You Choose For Your Kiddo

Dal Water : The First Solid You Choose For Your Kiddo


Hello Mothers,

The moment your kiddo reaches an age where he can start having solids, lots of food advice will be overturned upon you. But overall only one suggestion seems to be common from everyone, and that is dal pani (Dal Water). The water that you get from boiling the dal has only the taste to it but none of the nutrition that might benefit the child. Most parents choose to mash/grind some dal along with it and give it to there babies. I am a mother of a 6-month-old baby and the first food which I gave to my kiddo is Dal Water only. The main advantage of the same is that it is very light, ease in digestion, no gas formation. Start with 2-3 tablespoon once in a day.

Note: Don’t add Ghee/ Oil as your baby digestive system is still not that strong to digest ghee.


Dal Water : The First Solid You Choose For Your Kiddo

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10 minTotal Time

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  • Turmeric powder
  • Water
  • Yellow moong dal, split
  • Masoor dal
  • Salt is Optional(adviced to drop a pinch of it for taste)


  1. Firstly, mix moong and masoor dal and then, wash and clean the dal and place it in the cooker, along with turmeric powder, water and salt(Depending on how your kiddo reacts to the taste, choose to add a tiny pinch of salt, only for the initial 1-2 servings). Let it cook in the pressure cooker for 5-6 whistles, to let be softened and mashed properly.
  2. Take the boiled dal in the grinding jar and grind it till the dal pieces got mashed and mixed in water.
  3. Serve only 2-3 tablespoon initially.


Before giving it to the baby, check the temperature of the water make sure it isn’t too hot. Once he/she starts having it regularly and reaches the 10-month mark, you can make the dal pani thicker.

Why Give Moong+Massor Dal Water to Infants

Moong+massor dal pani for infants is a suggestion that has trickled down from generations and there is a pretty good reason behind it. The benefits a baby receives due to it are numerous and all of those are essential for him.

  • Dal pani is easy to digest.
  • The number of proteins, vitamins, and different minerals in it is quite good, but only when mixed with a mashed dal.
  • Less chance of Allergy.
  • Numerous amount of elements like zinc, iron, manganese benefit the growth of the baby and help in strengthening the immunity, too.


When to Start Dal Water for Infants

From birth to 6 months. all infants are on breastfeeding or on formula feed. The appropriate age for dal water depends on the purpose behind it. Minimum age of 6-8 months is necessary while you could choose to start it.

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