Solid Food for 8 months on-wards kids

Solid Food for 8 months on-wards kids


In our previous posts, you have seen a few of the recipes for your champs when they enter the age of 6 months and above. The solid food plays a very important role in there as well as in your life. This means that your cutie-pie is growing up. So choosing a correct solid is very important in that aspect. The correct Solid food not only shapes your baby’s growth but also helps in brain development.

You can try fusion meals for your baby from the age of 8months and above. Keeping this thing in mind we bring to you a great recipe that will help your baby gaining weight. Remember, try to make blind dishes(no sugar no salt), as this is the time to explore new taste so let your baby get the natural fruits and vegetables flavor. Today’s recipe key ingredients are Roasted Bombay Rava(Suji) and Apple. You can give this 2-3 times a day.

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