New Delhi Oxygen Bar

New Delhi Oxygen Bar

Fresh Air for Sale


An oxygen bar gains attention as pollution hits New Delhi. The bar named Oxy Pure has opened its doors for people in Delhi in May as the pollution hit by soaring levels. The oxygen bar is the city’s first oxygen bar will be serving pure oxygen to relief from the polluted air. The criteria of this bar are it offers 10-15-minute sessions of breathing in 80%-90% pure oxygen with aromatherapy.

The oxygen bar serves different flavours of oxygen like lavender, orange, cinnamon and peppermint. Each flavour has its own benefits so you can take what suits you the best. Each session is priced at ₹299. As per the company, the authority claims that they wanted to tackle the pollution problem in the city in a cost-effective way.


Where: Select City Walk Mall, District Centre, Saket, New Delhi

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